Last Weeks of Summer Vacation


Road trips…done!  First we went to Austin, TX to see that “Zelda” concert.  It was beautiful and exciting at the same time.  The experience staying at a Budget Inn was a whole different story though, but I’ll leave that for the review 😉 .

Our road trip to Orlando, FL was an exciting adventure.  First, because we took Midna & Kuro with us.  They behaved wonderfully during the long car drives; Kuro slept most of the time but Midna got bored easily and started meowing so she could get out of her pet carrier and look through the windows.  Sometimes Anna would obliged but other times Midna had to stay put in the midst of her meowing protests, of course.

We were blessed to have visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom as guests; meaning… we didn’t have to pay for the parking or entrance to the parks.  We went as guests of a Disney employee.  Total blessing!  Even with the heat and heavy crowds, we had a good time.  We rested, ate, played, went on rides, visited friends and family.  It was a good time for sharing, looking, living, laughing and loving life.  Road trips should be a must in all families, large or small, rich or poor….time to be with the ones you love and experiencing life.

Now that we are home again, we are getting ready for the first semester of Anna’s 10th grade.  Books are ready, school calendar is set to start August 7.  She will be taking 6 classes which will include 2 electives: Bible & Basic Japanese.  Yes, Japanese!  A great language to learn if you are an anime fan ❤ ❤ !

We are thankful to God that He has protected us, blessed us immeasurably this summer.  We are looking forward for what He has in store for us in this new school year.  Keep the good homeschool work for your loved ones.  Explore your children’s talents, let them enjoy learning about life and that will help them enjoy learning about the academics.  It’s a labor of faith and love.

Cheers for a blessed new school year 2017-2018!  Happy Homeschooling!

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