Summer Vacation 2017


Hey there!  Summer vacation is just here and we are going to enjoy it as much as we can.  Last year, we went to Austin, TX.  This year we are going to Austin again to witness a concert featuring the music of “The Legend of Zelda”.   That concert is happening on July 7, 2017.

After that small road trip, we are taking a longer road trip; this time, to Orlando Florida.  It’s the first time that we will venture to do such a long journey but we pray that God is our pilot plus we already mapped it out.  Kuro and Midna will be joining us in the adventure of a lifetime when we travel for three consecutive days passing through many Southern states and staying in hotels down at Mississippi and Tallahassee until we reach our final destination in Orlando.

So, we pray that this is going to be a fun time for every happy homeschooler and for us too.  Enjoy your summer.  Updates of our adventures will be posted soon.  God Bless!

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