Thanksgiving And Birthday

Yesterday November 23 we celebrated Thanksgiving and also Anna’s 15th birthday.  It really was a day to be thankful.  First, it was the first time that we cooked a turkey by ourselves.  We have always eaten turkeys done by other people: my mother, my sisters, my cousins or as guests in other houses.

Well, this year we wanted something different even if it meant doing the same thing we do every year.  Our tradition has always been to help my mom while the turkey is being cooked in the oven and also watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.  After the parade or while it’s still going we also put up the Christmas tree.  We did the same thing but the difference was that we cooked the turkey.  

It was a new experience in an old tradition.  We also invited a neighbor who was going to spend Thanksgiving without any relatives so we invited her to be a part of our festivities.  She had never tasted the “Puertorrican” seasoning in her food so it was going to be interesting for her.  The result: she loved it!  She specially enjoyed the turkey stuffing done with ground beef with sweet potatoes.  Oh yeah!  It was surprising, even for me, how delicious everything turned out.

Anna’s 15th birthday didn’t turn out being a huge party with expensive dresses in the way they celebrate in Puerto Rico.  It was a special day with loved ones and a new friend.  We ate and had a great day.  She also liked all the greetings she received in her FB page. She received calls from our loved ones who live far away.  It was blessed.

And we are thankful to God for adding another year to our lives.  He has blessed us in every way and in every trial that comes to our lives.  He is good and wonderful.  We are blessed to enjoy His mercies everyday.  Here is to the new Christmas season 2017!

Happy Birthday from Anna

Illustration by Anna Lorraine ^_^



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