Beautiful Art… by Anna L.

Just wanted to share some of the art that Anna has been posting lately on Deviant art and Facebook.  We already have talked about her going to study at college in Tyler when she graduates from homeschooling.  Of course, she wants to study what she really loves: art, drawing and computers.  It’s a good thing that I already found out that Tyler Junior College accepts homeschooling students.

She has shown progress in just 2 1/2 years of drawing:


As you can see this is the same action scene recreated.  The same characters doing the same thing but the style has obviously improved a lot.  It helps to have better software too.  Another comparison:


Same characters, same scene: different style and undoubtedly a huge improvement in talent.  Yes, you can be born with talent but it’s your responsibility to better it and make it grow.

We have to motivate our students to continue working in what they do best.  We can’t tell them that they won’t be able to live on their God-given talent.  It’s not right to tell them that they can’t live on making music or drawing.  We don’t know why God gave them the talent or what plans He has on them.  But God gives talents because He has a purpose for everything.  It is our duty & responsibility to encourage our children to improve and work on those talents.

The worst mistake that we can do for our kids is to kill the motivation with what we think is best for our children.  Maybe other secular potential jobs may be good for us; but the path for our kids is most likely a different one.  It all starts with searching for talents.  I have been lucky to have found my daughter’s so early in life.

What talent does your child have?  Start right there!!



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