Happy Hallelujah Day!


Today in Joyful Christian Homeschool we celebrate Hallelujah Day!  It’s a day where we celebrate God and his children’s creativity.  The flowers that you see in the above picture were just a mere piece of grass that a neighbor gave to us so that Midna might enjoy it; but one morning when I went to water it, that’s what I found.  I didn’t even know those beautiful flowers would bloom; even if it was for just less than a day.  Since that day, the plant has grown and more flowers have been blooming.

Psalm 103;15-16 “As for man, his days are like grass, he flourishes like a flower of the field; the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more…”

God tells us that we are like those flowers, beautiful, precious and fragrant.  Even if we don’t last too long; we should make most of the time that we are here in this world.  Let’s bloom, let’s grow and perfume everywhere we go with our love & our talents, the ones that God gave us.

Anna decided to celebrate today dressed as one of her OC’s Akuhei; Brian wanted to celebrate dressed as Curious George because there is so much that he wants to know about the world that God made, Brian also created an illustrated church with his family in it and I celebrated by making the beautiful blue & beige scarf that Anna wore for today.  Yes, each one of us has a gift for creativity and we should use it to let the world know that each one is precious in the powerful hand of God.

Coming up:  November, month of birthdays, field trip to El Yunque, Science Fair and Thanksgiving!  We can hardly wait….

God Bless You!!

CIMG2700 CIMG2710

CIMG2728 CIMG2729


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