Birthdays Month


We’re just one week away to celebrate our birthdays:  Anna and me.  This week we celebrated Grandma’s birthday.  That day we would’ve wanted to go to a field trip but it was a holiday and our car was in need of some repairs.  That doesn’t mean that we won’t have a field trip this semester.  The semester will be over on the second week of December, God willing and we still have to enjoy a trip before the year ends.

Meanwhile, Anna decided to start her Science Fair project which consists of her thematic solar system for this semester.  Photos of her project will be posted when it’s finished and ready for display.  We still haven’t decided what Brian will do for his project but I guess it’ll be a surprise.

November is a very special month; not only for the birthdays but because we give thanks to the Lord.  He has been good to us in the midst of all the trials.  Even if we had been without transportation, work has been slow, expenses have been overwhelming….God has provided us and He will continue to guide us through this journey called “life”.

We give thanks for one more year of life and we celebrate during this next week with joy in our hearts.  We never lose; we always gain: hope, experience, grace & love.

God Bless You!

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