Starting Our Last Semester

last drawing 2019

This is Anna’s last drawing of the decade that just ended.  She has progressed so much.  She is ready for college.  But she thinks that she needs a little bit of rest when she finishes in May 2020.  Yes, she is a senior and Joyful Christian Homeschool’s only student is about to finish her homeschooling.

This next semester will be her last one.  It is bittersweet because all the wonderful school experiences are about to end.  We are in the beginning of finding out how will we get her ready for college.  But because of her decision to have a year break, we will have a little bit of time to get her ready for that.

There is a transcription to work on; we are planning on getting her a car but she has to get her driving license first.  So there are lots of plans and stuff to do before the college years.  So life is about to change for Anna as well.  She will soon be a young adult and she has to start “adulting”.  But until that time comes; let’s just enjoy the last semester of high homeschooling.

May God guide us during the last stretch of this wonderful journey!

Have a blessed 2020!

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