School Started In JCH


Anna already started her 11th grade with Monarch.  We already love it.  It is so convenient.  I only have to check in the afternoons if there is some grading of an essay or writing and it usually doesn’t take me more than 20 minutes if there is some grading to do.  If not, I just check it and go on with my life.  Whoooaaa!  I wish I would’ve done this before.

Anna does her assigned classes in less time and then dedicates her rest of the day to do what she really enjoys: drawing.  The above illustration is an old drawing that I found in my computer.  Now her drawings are more detailed and elaborate.  She will be quite the artist.  I’m very proud of her.

Well, I will update with any other development that arrives.  God Bless You and your homeschooling year!

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