So we are in Spring and we have seen a lot of new flowers and the new leaves on the trees.  It’s beautiful and colorful; even besides the expressways and highways, people gather in the flower beds to take selfies or just enjoy the view.

It’s also the time to look for the next year’s homeschool curriculum.  The special prices which includes 20% off the regular prices of books are on the market now.  Also remember to schedule a homeschool trip to the zoo or a museum.  Probably most homeschoolers are finishing or in the middle of their second semester.  Not us, we are still on the first semester because the moving to TX got us a little behind.  But we’re still good.

One of the things that we like about homeschooling is the flexibility and the enjoyment of ourselves as a family.  It’s never a burden, we love what we do and how we do it.  We learn while we enjoy learning.  Time to also have a science fair or a field day.  Living in TX, we could study a little bit more of how do tornadoes form, interesting right?

Enjoy the season and keep learning with fun!

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