Beginning A New Semester

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Well, last year Anna and Bryan started in different schools.  Bryan is starting his semester in a private school in Puerto Rico.  Anna was going to begin her 8th grade in a charter school here in Texas.

Well, the story changed with Anna.  When she was going to start in the Charter School, she had to take a STAAR placement test to see if she could pass to the 8th grade after being homeschooled for 4 years.  Well, it was without no surprise that her scores in the test were very high and she was immediately admitted to the 8th grade.  Homeschooling works!

But in November 2015, when I lost my teaching job at the charter school, I withdrew Anna from there.  And we started homeschooling again.  This experience helped Anna appreciate more her homeschooling.  We started with the Alpha & Omega lifepacs again this past Monday and she has been working diligently.

So, Joyful Christian Homeschool is still in business.  And, God willing,  it will continue to do so for a long time.  So cheers for our new semester!

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