Keep The Motivation


This week at Joyful Christian Homeschool, Anna helped me decorate our little classroom. Each month we decorate it differently so that our little learning place stays special.

We put some falling leaves on the walls and hanged a banner that says: “Happy Harvest” celebrating the arrival of fall on this month. We can hardly wait for the time of eating candy corn and Thanksgiving.

Make your learning corner a special one.  Help the kids decorate it; they have lots of ideas.  You may find yourself wondering why you didn’t do this before.  They will love spending that time making their little project.  Choose a different theme each month.  It could be about a special holiday, a positive thought, a Bible verse, changing seasons, a special activity…..or anything that you want.  Or maybe anything that they want.  Remember the sky is the limit.

These days, I’ve been going to job interviews and finally found a part time that doesn’t affect homeschooling at all. God is so good with us. This year promises to be the best yet.

So, there’s a lot to be thankful for. Enjoy each day with your little ones.

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