Happy Labor Day!


We are entering our second month in Joyful Christian Homeschool!  Kids are right on track, they are finishing their first Lifepacs.  So this week will be a busy one.  Lifepac tests are ready and it should be another fun week.  We are looking forward to decorate our classroom with the Autumn motives.  Falling leaves, pumpkins & harvest illustrations are all ready to be used.  We love Fall!

We can’t see the four seasons as well as other countries at the Northern or Southern Hemispheres but here the temperatures change a little bit.  It feels more cooler in the winter.  Last Fall was quite hot.  It got cooler in November, but we still love the seasons.  September is just the beginning for lots of pretty things.

Enjoy this creation that Anna did for Art class.  See if you can find “Link” from “The Legend of Zelda”! 

Enjoy your Labor Day!

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