Celebrating Creativity


Both Brian and Anna have wonderful talents. Anna has a talent for creating characters she calls her “OC’s”. This week I wanted to do something special to motivate that creative trait that she has.

We decided to celebrate the birthday of her first “OC” Mitsuo. I let her choose even the flavor of the cake that we would eat. The birthday was celebrated on Tuesday. After they finished their classes; we even sang the famous “Happy Birthday” song.

Sometimes as teachers and as parents, we have to celebrate that our children have a vivid imagination. Every achievement and every effort even if it doesn’t end with a triumph must have a pat on the back.

There are more things that we say with acts than with words. Some may think that celebrating the birthday of a fictional character may have been a silly thing or even ridiculous. But it was more than just that.

Weeks before Anna had been mentioning me that her first OC’s birthday was getting closer. At the time, I didn’t give it too much importance, but something told me not to ignore it. Anna was pretty excited about it; for her it was a big deal.

Have you ever remembered when something was a big deal for you when you were a kid but you were ignored by your parents? What if your parents didn’t ignore your childhood dreams? Would that have increased your self esteem? Would that have made your childhood a lot happier?

I wanna believe so. Needless to say; we had fun. The chocolate cake was delicious and they finished all their schoolwork without any complaints.

Looking forward for next week! God Bless You

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