A New School Year Has Begun!



Meet our students from Joyful Christian Homeschool.  Brian E. is my nephew and Anna Lorraine is my daughter.  They’ve been homeschooled since 2012.  Anna was in 5th Grade while Brian started his first academic steps with Pre-Kinder.  It went so well that we decided to continue with this awesome experience.

The first years were challenging until we started organizing our little school.  My sister and I have invested time and a lot of love in this project but the happy faces of our kids and the way they’ve been learning have been the fruit that we have sowed from this labor of love.

We love homeschooling and I will share with you the beautiful experiences that we’ve been having during this wonderful time.

The 2014-2015 school year started in August 4.   Our main students couldn’t be happier and more enthusiastic.  Brian started his First Grade and Anna started her 7th Grade.  We are currently using the Lifepac Curriculum from Alpha & Omega Publications.   It had to be a Christian curriculum, of course!

Brian’s curriculum has the Math curriculum from Horizons.  He did very well during his Kindergarten year with the Horizon’s curriculum so his Mommy decided to continue with that one.

On the second day of class, our students received the visit of Anna’s best friend Enid.  She also started her 7th grade on August 7 but in a private Christian school.  But before starting out in her school where she would use the same Lifepac curriculum; she took advantage of seeing first hand what she would encounter later on inside her own school.

Needless to say, they had a wonderful day!

CIMG2606                                 CIMG2604


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