May Already!


It’s a been a bittersweet semester.  These months have been a challenge.  Knowing that this is our last semester as a homeschool has made us feel sad.  One of the disadvantages of financial problems is having to take life changing decisions.  When we started homeschooling our children; it was because we planned to stay where we are and confront the situation how it was.  But when tough decisions have to be made like emigration to have a better life, then the situation changes drastically.

God willing, Anna and I will emigrate to the U.S.A. during this summer because the financial situation in Puerto Rico is intolerable.  We will prosper financially because a job as a teacher will be waiting for me in TX, God willing,  But the disadvantage will be that I won’t be able to continue homeschooling Anna and Brian.  They will be joining regular schools for next semester.  Brian will go to a private school starting in August; he is already enrolled.  And Anna will be joining another school in TX possibly Faith Family Academy or another one if we decide to change our decision at the last moment.  God knows what is going to happen.  We just let God take the last decision because many things have to happen first but He is in control.

The important thing is that we are still together; we are still family and God will keep us together in spirit even each of us are apart.  That’s one of the wonderful advantages of loving each other.  What we have taught our children will stay in their hearts forever.  The memories, the lessons, the laughs, the tears…even the bad experiences….all is a part of this amazing journey called life.

We teach our kids to love God above all and love their neighbor as they love themselves: that’s real education.  The goal is to teach our children to be grateful to God, useful to society and hopeful about their future.  God is still in control.

Do I still believe in homeschooling?  YES!!  It’s the best way of educating your kids.  If I could start homeschooling again, I would a thousand times more.  No regrets.  But sometimes life happens….AND I will keep being a part of my child’s education ALWAYS.

Obviously this will not be the last update of this blog.  I will be keep posting educational issues that may arise because: I’m still a teacher.  I’m still a parent and what may bother me could bother you too.  Thank you for keep reading and I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates.  Hopefully, that won’t happen again.  Let the journey continue and God Bless us all!

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