December Is Here At Last!


The first semester is practically over.  Kids today made their Science Fair displays.  The Science Fair was originally programmed for November but we delayed it because we wanted to do the Apple Turkey activity.

CIMG2870   December is always a special month for kids.  And our students are no exception when it comes to celebrate it’s arrival.  The excitement is evident whenever they start to decorate the classroom with the Christmas motives.

The breeze gets a little bit cooler and they know that they have to finish their classes so that they can enjoy a longer Christmas vacation.CIMG2880

This week while they were finishing their classes; they prepared their Science Fair exhibitions to end the semester.  Here are the experiments that they made for your delight.  Anna was studying in her Science class about the Solar System: planets, comets, constellations so she selected to research about the planets and worked hard to make this displayable model of our own Milky Way.  Done with clay, glitter, construction paper, reward stars…but above all: she did it all by herself.


She even made a little astronaut with his rocket, a glittering comet with the starts forming the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper.  (I wish our camera would do it justice; but that’s what we got).  Brian’s experiment was based on a book of Science experiments for younger kids.  He chose to work with magnets.  He made his own compass: done with a jar, a piece of paper, a thread, a magnet and a needle.  And it works!


So, after this wonderful week on next Monday we close our first semester with a little Christmas party.  Of course, their favorites pizza and cake are in order….

God Bless you all and have a nice weekend!

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