October News!


Today we want to start wishing our student visitor and Anna’s best friend Enid, a very Happy Birthday.  Hopefully we will share with her soon.  May God continue to bless and guard her.

The weather started very hot on these days.  There has been a dust cloud coming all the way from the Sahara Desert in the atmosphere that has caused our health to decline a little, with dry coughs and tiredness but our faith hasn’t failed.  We wish our teacher assistant Melissa a very soon recovery.  She couldn’t be with us today but we surely missed her. There are lots of sicknesses like Chikungunya, dengue and now rumors of ebola going around; but we believe in the healing and protective power of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.  Teaching our kids about the love and care of our God is priority in our lives.

Also, during this month we started Lifepac’s #3.  Our kids are working hard to not fall behind on their work.  This is mid-term month or the middle of the semester.  We have calendered the last tests and we are still on the plans phase of celebrating our “Hallelluia Day” at the end of this month.  We don’t celebrate Halloween for obvious reasons but we celebrate a day that we can praise the wonderful makings of our Lord.

But the weather is clearing out and the mornings are getting cooler.  We can hardly wait until the Autumn breeze finally covers our island.  The heat is tiring after three months.  May God continue to work on us all!

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